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Elastic Precision High-Quality Rubber Band Guns

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Stick to your guns with the Elastic Precision High-Quality Rubber Band Guns. Available in three models, these premium wooden toys are both durable and super fun to use. Choose from the PPK made famous by James Bond, the 1911 modeled after the world famous Colt, or the high capacity MP5 submachine gun. Each model features stunning all-natural wood with options including maple, walnut, osage, and paduak. With the PPK you can load up and fire 5 bands while the 1911 holds 6 bands. Likewise, the MP5 holds an impressive 24 bands at once and can fire up to 30 feet away. Coming with anywhere from 50 to 100 rubber bands, these guns require a simple pull of the trigger to fire. The patented semi-automatic design is precise and mesmerizing. Your co-workers will think twice about bringing a paper airplane to a rubber band gun fight.

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