Fantom Magnetic Hold-Open Doorstop

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Make your every day a little bit easier when you use the Fantom Magnetic Hold-Open Doorstop. Easy to install and innovative in design, the Fantom Doorstop is nothing short of incredible. In fact, it would have served Hodor perfectly. The Fantom Doorstop has two parts. The first is a hole in your floor with a magnetic rod. The second is a metal plate that installs on the bottom of your door. As the door approaches the hole, the magnetic rod raises to meet the piece of metal. With this, the Fantom Doorstop holds the door entirely open so you can pass through with ease. And, when it’s not in use, the magnetic rod slides back into the hole in the floor to remain flush to the floor. When it’s time to close the door, simply pull. The rod will release its hold at once for a seamless experience.

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