HP Sprout Pro G2 All-in-One Computer

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Thanks to HP, the next generation of creativity computing is here with the HP Sprout Pro G2. This is an all-in-one computer with a 23.8-inch diagonal touchscreen monitor. The other features include a 21.3-inch diagonal HD touch display. It projects onto the surface in front of the computer. You can use a pressure sensitive to write on the projected touchscreen. The stylus aims to be a true design tool for you. In addition, the projector’s screen resolution is same as the main screen. The Touch Mat used here comes with 20 points of contact. So, you can use it with someone else as and when necessary. Also, the machine comes with unique features. There’s a space under the monitor for storing your keyboard when not in use. An upgraded Orbit 3D-sensing camera does the scanning. Overall, the HP Sprout Pro G2 is a perfect computer for the creative souls.

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