iblazr Case for Your iPhone

$55 USD
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Superpower your iPhone with 5X more light for your pictures and videos, up to 2X extra battery life and smart notifications with the iblazr Case for your iPhone. Utilizing a minimalist design, the case’s LEDs sync automatically with the help of the new iblazr Lightcatch technology. All you need to do is simply put your iPhone inside! The case can be synced with any app and give invaluable enhancement to your iPhone’s photos and videos. Automatically triggered by the iPhone’s flash, the combination of 40 high-power LEDs and optical diffuser produce a powerful, evenly spread light that will take your creations to the next level. Going down alongside everyday occasions, filmmaking, video streaming, traveling destinations (like, for example, camping), repair activities, etc., iblazr case reveals its wide functionality in ordinary use. Battery capacities are enlarged by integrated power bank, which provides extensive energy filling for your smartphone in case it is constantly discharging (up to 100% more battery of the iPhone). With Snapchat and Instagram streaming options it is a great opportunity to test the iblazr case at night parties, in the bars and nightclubs to highlight the coolest and funniest moments of your life. An ideal case to empower your iPhone with more features.

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