Cooler Insert Innovative Ice Pack

$40 USD
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Keep your food nice and cold without the mess of ice with the Cooler Insert Innovative Ice Pack. Filling with ice, the Cooler Insert slides easily into your cooler and takes up little space. Then, you fill your cooler with everything you need for your adventures. The Cooler Insert covers the entire bottom and side of the cooler to offer the optimal low temperature. The unique shape of the Cooler Insert allows for convection to circulate cold temperature throughout. Lasting for up to 5 days, this ice pack finally solves the problem of dealing with melted ice. Even when melted, the Cooler Insert contains all of the ice cold water. It continues to keep the temperature low but you won’t open the lid to find a sea of semi-cold food and drinks. Instead, you can actually siphon the ice cold water from the FDA-approved container for a refreshing drink.

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