SWAYY Premus Insulated Camping Hammocks

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Comfortably sleep outdoors with the SWAYY Premus Insulated Camping Hammocks. The Premus hammock combines a tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad in one. Using LOFT technology, SWAYY hammocks hang insulation at a lower level to keep you warm. It works by trapping air between synthetic insulation, causing the trapped air pockets to warm up. SWAYY hammocks come with three main material layers. The first layer holds your weight while the second insulates you. Finally, the third one deters the wind to help you stay warm. The Premus is 10 feet long and can hold up to 182 kilograms. It also comes with heat reflection on all sides to keep you comfortable in any conditions. Finally, the Premus hammock comes in several color combinations for you to choose from.

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