Glow Doodle Interactive Drawing Pillowcase

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Add a dash of fun to your bedtime routine with the Glow Doodle Interactive Drawing Pillowcase. On the top of this pillowcase is a unique feature where you can write, draw, and doodle to your heart’s content. The Glow Doodle Pillowcase is activated by charging up the luminescent ink. You can use the included UV key ring, a laser pen, or even the flashlight on your smartphone. Whatever your method, the Glow Doodle Pillowcase slowly fades to give you a brand new canvas. Families can use this fun and innovative pillowcase for anything from discussing dinner plans to making homework a lot more fun. It lets you be totally creative without any mess. The Glow Doodle Pillowcase comes in your choice of a dream cloud, tic tac toe, or heart design.

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