ZYP 2-in-1 Adjustable iPad Stand and Case

$49 USD
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Easily adjust your iPad for easy viewing with the ZYP 2-in-1 Adjustable iPad Case and Stand. Featuring a two-piece case design, the ZYP provides an adjustable iPad stand and protective silicone cover all in one. Offering portrait and landscape orientation, the ZYP allows multiple viewing angles by simply using the heavy-duty zipper. You can unzip the case, so it expands to a 45-degree angle in landscape or turn it over for a 90-degree angle. Additionally, adjust the zip for a 90-degree angle in portrait or lay it down for a 45-degree angle. The expanding foam also allows for multiple angle adjustments. Furthermore, the ZYP includes three pieces: a silicone case, magnetic backing panel, and hard outer shell. Finally, the ZYP doesn’t block any iPad features, such as the camera or charging port.

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