iQi Mobile

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What is iQi Mobile for iPhones? “Technology is at its very best; is at its most empowering when it simply disappears” – Jony Ive. FAST. EASY. SEAMLESS. Set it down and go about your day, when you need it just grab and go! Great for those that are always on the run because there is no fussing with plugging and unplugging wires. iQi Mobile is smaller and thinner than your credit card, at only 0.5mm at its thinnest point to 1.4mm. iQi Mobile has a Qi standard wireless charging receiver with a uniquely designed lightning connector attached via an ultra-flexible thin ribbon cable. The iQi Mobile easily plugs into your iPhone or iPod Touch then slips into the back of any soft protective case. Once fitted to the iPhone, it can be charged on any Qi compatible charging pad. The iQi Mobile powers your iPhone conveniently through the lightening connector, as it seamlessly disappears. This technology enables you to top off your charge on any Qi compatible charging pad. We are bringing out two variations of the iQi Mobile: iQi Mobile – designed for iPhones and iPod touch. iQi Air for iPad – designed for use with both the iPad and iPad Mini.


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