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IRONATE – Perfect “No Oven” Pizza In Just 3 Minutes

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Now make your homemade pizza four times faster than the oven with IRONATE. In under 10 minutes, IRONATE can heat to over 800 degrees F (around 430 degrees Celsius) just like commercial pizza ovens. No more waiting 30+ minutes for your oven to preheat, heating up your apartment and wasting all that energy. The top of IRONATE is designed to quickly soak up the energy from your stove and radiate intense heat into the crust and toppings to ensure evenly cooked pizza in just 3 minutes. The bottom end of IRONATE emulates the floor of a wood-fired brick oven. IRONATE has been made out of special steel. Just a ¼ inch of this steel can hold as much energy as a few inches of brick, and it conducts heat much better, so you get those perfectly charred spots on the bottom of your pizza, a characteristic of the best Italian pies.

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