Journal 29 – Interactive Book Game

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If you like solving riddles, the Journal 29 is the right book for you. This is a 140 page book which comes with over 60 riddles you can solve to move forward in the game. The entire story is in the form of a riddle-solving challenge that will build up your interest every step of the way. It begins with the narration of a top secret excavation that did not bring any result for 28 weeks. It was on the 29th week that something extraordinary happened. The team was nowhere to be found and the only clue that they left behind was this Journal. So if you want to know the full story, you have to solve those riddles. Every two pages of the book comes with two elements – the riddle and its key. You have to solve the riddle, visit the URL noted on the key page and get the unique QR code scanned there. Once that’s done, you need to enter the answer on the website, get the corresponding key (in the form of a word or a number) and move forward in the game. So if you are a riddle solver, get this book game starting from a pre-order price of $25 now on Indiegogo!

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