Kangoo Jumps X-Rebound Boots For Better Exercising

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Ideal for: ? Running, marathons, training, jogging, aerobics, jumping, dance ? Rapid weight loss, trimming & toning ? Athletic training knee, hip, back injuries/pain ? Full lymphatic flush with every use – prevents disease, cancer metastases and boosts immunity ? Lymph flush also means you’ll recover faster, with no, or greatly reduced soreness. Avid marathoners world-wide wear Kangoo Jumps to cut their recovery time to less than half of what it would be in running shoes. ? N.A.S.A. uses Kangoo Jumps for 0-gravity training and called rebound exercise, “the most effective and efficient designed by man yet.” Use on any surface you would use a running shoe on. Avoid wet grass or slippery surfaces. Burns 2x the calories, workout 1/2 the time! World’s Lowest Impact Shoe (reduces joint impact 80%!).


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