KiDCASE – The iPad Case With Built-In Parental Controls That Actually Work!

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Is your child spending a bit too much time on their iPad each day? Well, don’t’ worry. We’ve got you covered … KiDCASE can actually monitor exactly how much time your child is using their device, automatically disable it when your daily time limits are reached, and even block time windows, such as after bedtime or before school on weekdays. Further, KiDCASE will have a Bonus Time feature that rewards kids for spending some of their time each day using education and learning based apps! How great would that be? Simply dock and lock the case on the device, set it up via the companion app, and rest easy knowing that the screen-time preferences you wish for your kids are being taken care of. We are live on Kickstarter now. Please support us and help spread the word!

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