Kinkajou Glass Bottle Cutter

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Get creative with your décor when you use the Kinkajou Glass Bottle Cutter. With this device, you can transform your empty bottles into custom glassware. Additionally, the Kinkajou Cutter is perfect for any home as it’s eco-friendly and easy to use. From start to finish, it takes just minutes to cut through a glass bottle. The Kinkajou features a vice-like contraption to hold the bottle in place. Simply twist the bottle in the device for contact with the bottle and the blade. Next, add the durable separation ties and run the bottle under boiling water. Finally, run the bottle under cold water. The science behind the Kinkajou produces a clean, level cut to the bottom of the bottle. With the included 80 grit sandpaper, you simply rub the edges until they are nice and round. The Kinkajou works with a variety of glass with a thickness from 43mm to 102mm.

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