Pioneering P1 Laser Distance Meter

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Automate the way you calculate distance when you use the Pioneering P1 Laser Distance Meter by MyAntenna. This incredibly handy device uses a laser to give you precise measurements instantly. The P1 is actually the smallest laser distance meter and is designed to replace the archaic traditional tape measure. To use the P1, simply turn it on and direct the laser onto to point whose distance you want to measure. The P1 instantly gives you the measurement in real time using the built-in display. In addition, you can press the power button again to pause the measurement and retain the number in the display. You can also use the Auto Fetch function to give yourself 10 seconds to set up what you want to measure. Finally, the P1 can switch between metric and imperial as you need. With a range of 130 feet, the P1 can handle it all.

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