Levl – Understanding Fat Loss With Your Breath

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Make informed decisions about your fat loss routine with Levl. This device provides you with the information you need to make real-time choices about your diet and fitness plan. It will reduce time spent on confusing products that don’t work for you and allows you to be more methodical and balanced in your weight-loss efforts. Imagine understanding fat loss with one breath – that’s exactly what Levl would make you do. Making smart decisions about your fitness and diet routine is now just one breath away. LEVL has engineered a sensor that uses 50 years of breath science research to detect when your body is burning fat for energy. Access to this groundbreaking, personalized data marks the beginning of a new era in weight loss. That way, you’ll finally get to know when you’re burning fat, before you get onto the scale. After five years of rigorous research, the team brings you one amazing solution of weight loss, never seen or heard before.

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