LEXES – The New Magnetic Way To Power Your Device

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LEXES is a magnetic connector to power your laptop or devices that will facilitate your daily life. The magnetic Lexes Connector makes connecting and disconnecting a power cord quick and easy, without the risk of breaking your power supply tip. The Lexes Connector consists of two parts, male (the Lexes Connector) and female (the Lexes Adapter), which connect via powerful magnets. The Lexes Connector is connected to the device, while the Lexes Adapter is connected to the power supply. The two parts are brought near each other as they connect automatically – the magic of the magnet! Direct Current (DC) is transferred through concealed copper tips. To disconnect, the Lexes Connector remains in your device and the Lexes Adapter (and the power supply cable) can safely and simply be pulled away. The Lexes Connector is for anyone who owns devices or appliances with coaxial power supply. Everyone will appreciate how quick and easy it is to connect and disconnect your power cord.

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