LG Rollable OLED TV

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What LG showed us two-years back in an 18-inch TV comes in the form of a 65-inch LG Rollable OLED TV now. Yes, you can actually fold this TV and roll it up just like a newspaper. But, that’s not all. The TV also comes with UHD (4K) resolution. The idea is to make TV transportable but as of now, it’s more of a sci-fi concept. Imagine tucking your TV into a box and carrying it around with you wherever you go. This LG Rollable OLED TV does exactly the same but in a whole new way. So you get to move around with your TV from room to room and it gives you access to Amazon Alexa. Additionally, the TV is super thin and possibly one of the coolest forms of entertainment you can expect in the near future. Please note that this is still a prototype and not available for sale yet.

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