LOKmate – Personal Deadbolt Guard

$26 USD
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LOKmate is specially designed to protect your home, apartment or even hotel room from unwanted intruders when you or your family are present. It also can prevent small children from leaving the house unnoticed because when installed on a door, it makes the door difficult to unlock. LOKmate works by preventing the deadbolt’s twist knob from being turned. The universal design fits almost any single-cylinder deadbolt lock configuration regardless of its knob orientation (twist knob left, right, center or angled). As long as the lock works with a twist knob, then LOKmate will work perfectly. It snaps easily onto most standard home deadbolt locks to prevent breaking, picking or otherwise tampering with the deadbolt. It even will stop unexpected entry by people with additional keys, like a landlord, maintenance person or previous tenant! You can use it at home or on the go. Keep pesky hotel staff from entering your room while you’re asleep.

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