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The levitating lamp that is first of its kind, Brilliant in design, Brilliant in technology. During the campaign we got allot of feedback from our Backers, we used this feedback to add additional features. The GIFS below show these features. Flight…levitation.. and the defiance of gravity! The sights of such events tend to challenge our perception and stirrup intrigue. The LUNALUXX was designed with precisely this in mind. 
It is truly the first of its kind featuring a minimalistic design, generating a smooth atmospheric light with a futuristic touch.
 By combining both magnetic suspension and remote-phosphor lightning technologies, a light emitting disc is freely suspended in mid air! So please help us crowdfund this amazing project by finding the funding amount that fits you best! Scroll down for more information about the LUNALUXX, the different rewards for funding us, and technical details. And feel free to contact us with any questions or remarks!

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