Lytro Immerge Light Field VR Device

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Introducing the Lytro Immerge, the world’s first professional Light Field VR Device. Allowing you to experience virtual reality like never before, this system combines a camera, server, editing suite, and a light field video playback engine to create VR where you can actually move around. The Lytro Immerge camera is fully configurable and provides a professional cinematic video quality. The server allows for storage as well as processing of the light field data and is equipped with ultra-high bandwidth for easy access. With the editing suite, you can blend CG and live action with light field plugins and even access stand visual effect tools for a seamless blend of every scene. Finally, the Lytro Immerge playback engine is for common VR headsets and platforms to give you a fully immersive experience through six degrees of viewing freedom.

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