Magnetic Privacy Screen

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The Magnetic Privacy Screen for MacBook has been developed with visual protection that offers considerable advantages over conventional vision filters such as 3M. The current standard filters can be mounted on a laptop only by means of adhesives, which often leaves annoying adhesive residues that are not removable and can even attack the laptop surface. STARK Inc.’s Magnetic Privacy Screen integrates seamlessly with the Macbook screen and can be easily attached and removed at any time. The 60 ° angle of view provides optimal visibility from the front and protects your privacy and confidential data optimally from onlookers. The Magnetic Privacy Screen is compatible with all MacBook and MacBook Pro models from 2011-2017. The filter has a non-reflective surface AR (anti-reflecting) and is 3HPT scratch-resistant coating. The production takes place in Japan through Toshiba’s factory.

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