Majic Ski/Snowboard Helmet With an Integrated Visor by Osbe

$599 USD
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Winter snowboarding will be even more fun if you have the Majic Ski/Snowboard Helmet With an Integrated Visor by Osbe. The beauty of this helmet lies in its design which features an integrated visor that has been folded away inside the helmet. This will minimize wind as well as water from entering the helmet, thus meeting the demands of athletes in all kinds of weather conditions. The helmet has been made out of carbon composite fiber which offers the same high-impact resistant shell and safety certifications OSBE is renowned for. The helmet is also equipped with a direct airflux ventilation system that will regulate temperature inside the shell. There is a removable and washable plush inner lining that is provided to ensure you get maximum comfort and proper air circulation as and when required.

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