MARA PEN – Control Your PC From a Distance

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MARA PEN is an entirely new breed of presentation technology, a sleek and beautiful new gadget for anyone who creates and presents visual content like slideshow presentations, design drafts and 3D models – including engineers, architects, designers, teachers, and scientists. It lets you control your cursor with the motion of your hand. Forget that laser pointer. MARA PEN is a cutting-edge blend of highly precise sensors and state-of-the-art aircraft navigation technology that makes navigating on-screen presentations a breeze, and much more accurate than any existing method. It offers a more flexible and intuitive way of controlling the computer from any vantage point. Its highly sensitive motion sensors control the cursor on your screen with pinpoint accuracy while algorithms translate the movement of your hand. Professional presenters, lecturers, and speakers no longer need to switch between devices to control their presentation. MARA PEN gives everyone freedom of movement: No more walking back and forth between the computer and the stage.

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