Milk Nanny: The World’s First Smart Home Formula Milk Maker

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The inspiration of the Milk Nanny idea comes from the automatic coffee machine. As the father of a newborn son and loaded with hardware and software product design experience, Derrick Lee knew that making milk is troublesome and time-consuming. So he wanted to do something that would make it easy for mothers to feed their young children One year has passed since this idea came to him, and now the Milk Nanny is nearly ready to be introduced to the world. The Milk Nanny is the world’s first truly “Smart Milk Maker”(SMM). It’s easy-to-use, safe-to-operate, produces milk with no clumps, is nice to look at, and is very convenient. Having a Milk Nanny in your home is like having a real-life nanny at home when it comes to making milk for your baby. The Milk Nanny logo design comes from the colors that represent infant boys and girls, a milk drop, and a six-sided hexagon. The milk drop is in the center of the blue and pink hexagon. The hexagon shape is also used in the light panel on the Milk Nanny. Our “Milk Made Simple.” slogan means that the Milk Nanny will produce fresh, warm milk for your baby in 15 seconds.

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