Minimal Trifold Wallet

$54 USD
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The Trifold Leather Wallet is the most simple approach to carrying a few cards and all of your cash without the bulk. This wallet is very minimal and does not have any hardware – it will fold onto itself, and the friction keeps everything safe and secure. Mr. Lentz personally tested this design out for weeks to make sure it was flawless. The central flap will store 1 to 4 cards and is molded in a way that will stay in place creating a slightly rigid structure to hold your cash in place. Slip this wallet easily into your front pocket and you won’t even notice it. It is minimalism at its best. The leather is sourced from the top tannery in the U.S., and Mr. Lentz cuts, brands, stamps, dyes, oils and waxes and assembles each wallet by hand. There’s nothing better than fine leather goods made from the finest materials. Every wallet comes with a tin of Mr. Lentz Spiff N’ Shine – a conditioner meant to keep high-quality leather goods in high-quality shape.

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