Miragii – Custom Designed Smart Necklace with Bluetooth Compatibility

$299 USD
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Place the mobile world in the palm of your hand, literally, with Miragii, the smart necklace with Bluetooth. Using a simple hand gesture, this necklace projects the details of incoming calls and text messages directly onto the palm of your hand. With another simple hand gesture, you can take the call or simply ignore it. Supporting Windows, iOS, and Android, Miragii comes in gold, silver, as well as black and white made of a beautiful allergy-free zirconia ceramic. This beautiful pendant features the most compact projector and also holds a small, Bluetooth earphone for phone calls. Conveniently, the earphone charges once it’s placed back into the pendant. The elegant Miragii can be fashioned to your taste with a leather or chain strap. Get the world at your fingertips with Miragii.

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