Modern Pocket Watch

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Modern life can be chaotic, with endless gadgets designed to make our lives more efficient, in fact robbing us of our most valuable asset – time. We initially reach for our smartphone to tell us the time, but end up distracted in a sea of notifications vying for our attention and we end up forgetting what it was we had initially set out to do. We have set out to redesign the pocket watch for modern times. For us, the pocket watch was the ultimate timepiece and brings back a lot of fond memories. For me personally, I am taken back to a time in Greece where on warm summer evenings my grandfather would be on the porch rocking back and forth in his chair while effortlessly swirling his pocket watch in his hand. The problem is that these timepieces have a lot of limitations in the modern day and as a result spend most of their time (sorry for the pun, only one we promise haha) in the dresser drawer. We have set out to solve these limitations to bring back the beauty and charm of the pocket watch.

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