Moggles Pocket Virtual Reality

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Moggles, short for mobile goggles, is a Virtual Reality Console. Made to fit your pocket. It gives you an easy and accessible way of exploring the possibilities of head mounted displays and virtual reality. We call it Pocket VR! Do you have a smartphone in your pocket? Good, that’s all you need to use moggles! Moggles uses the display and motion sensors of your smartphone and tracks the motions of your head to give the phone display real time updates about in which direction you are looking. The sensors in your phone track your head movements and update the viewpoint of the phone screen. This makes it possible to step into and look around in a virtual environment, such as a game, movie or picture. The best way of understanding the immersive feeling you get by this is of course by trying. You can use your mouse to click and drag in the image below to understand the principle.

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