Mono Lamp TV-Inspired Lamp

$111 USD
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Channel your inner geek and kit out your space with the Mono Lamp TV-Inspired Lamp. Inspired by the classically vintage TV test card image that used to display on our screens, this beautiful lamp is both unique and nostalgic to anyone’s childhood. The globe-like structure of the light allows the Mono Lamp to be slightly angled and even spun around to suit your space. The illuminated plastic globe comes in your choice of the classic colors that adorned our TVs or you can opt for grayscale to better suit your interior. The Mono Lamp is held up by a sturdy aluminum support and the entire light is steadied with a stunning ash wood base. Made in Italy, the Mono Lamp features an E14 light bulb socket, a Type C outlet plug, and a 1.3-meter cord along with a switch for easy accessibility.

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