MOTION – A German Designer Watch / Affordable Price

$175 USD
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MOTION is a watch with a unique dial that rotates around its own axis. It’s a high quality design that is permanently in motion. The watch comes with 10 ATM water resistance and has used sapphire crystal to make the wristwatch scratch-resistant. This is complemented with the stainless steel casing and the automatic watch movement. MANYEARS is a distinctive German brand producing specific timepieces, the name of which is made up of “MANY” and “YEARS”. The logo of the brand represents a hourglass. Because the view that you have on this movement is constantly changing, it is very cool to watch. In fact, it makes you even look more at your watch then you normally would. Not just to check the time, but simply to admire the design and the part of the movement that is exposed. With the hour hand occupying the center disc, a red seconds hand floating above it, the minute hand is actually placed on half a disc. This means that it moves continuously around, revealing half of the movement below.

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