OPPO Sonica Wi-Fi Speaker

$299 USD
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Music is something to be experienced and not simply observed. Surround yourself in audio bliss with the OPPO Sonica Wi-Fi Speaker. With the ability to be controlled right from your smartphone or tablet, this sleek and modern speaker can stand on its own to deliver big sound or be paired with other units to really get the party started. Available in black or silver, the Sonica Wi-Fi Speaker can connect via AirPlay, Bluetooth, DLNA, and a variety of other sources to give you total control. The acoustic design and tuning of this remarkable speaker are the work of Igor Levitsky, an award-winning planner and audio designer. With his stroke of genius, the Sonica Wi-Fi Speaker is equipped with powerful drivers, amplifiers, and a chassis for a deep and pure sound no matter what genre you play.

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