Passfort – Secure Keychain for All Your Passwords

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Passfort is a small, compact keychain where you can generate, access, and use all of your passwords. It’s difficult to remember all the passwords for our social media accounts, email, and e-commerce sites, especially when they have to contain a letter, a number, and the quadratic formula. To access Passfort you must enter a number or image sequence master key – the only password you’ll need to remember. Using Bluetooth or the USB port, your computer or device will automatically recognize Passfort. Then, select the app or website you want to sign into and Passfort auto-fills the password. Passfort is equipped with the same military-grade encryption used by the government so no one will be able to gain access. The 7-day battery life, color display, and small but handy size of Passfort mean you can take it with you anywhere you need access.

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