Paypal Here – Mobile Card Reader

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EMV is a global payment system that entails putting a microprocessor chip into debit and credit cards, making them less vulnerable to fraud for in-person transactions. Because EMV uses better data security, this standard is being adopted in the United States. In addition, most debit and credit cards will be reissued with EMV chips by October 2015. EMV terminals are already in use all over the world and growing more and more popular everywhere. Traditional cards hold static information that does not change once encoded by the card’s manufacturer. Smart cards generate dynamic data for each transaction which prevents the transaction data from being reused fraudulently. EMV is a global payment system based on chip card technology. This means that contactless payments via the PayPal Card Reader make it easier for your business to accept secure payments anywhere. It also provides greater protection to business and customers from fraudulent, in-person transactions.

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