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MirroCool Personal Assistant Smart Mirror

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Start your day connected with MirroCool, Personal Assistant and Smart Mirror, All-In-One. Our smart mirror gets to know the real you, catering to your exact productivity needs. It uses facial gesture recognition (FGR) technology and a built-in HD camera to instantly detect you when you stand in front of it – hands and voice-free for total automation. For example, you can also use gestures to control the mirror. A simple wink will activate the camera for the perfect selfie. The MirroCool syncs wirelessly with all of your devices to learn about your schedule and preferences. In addition to displaying the time and date, the MirroCool shows your recent updates so you can start each morning on the right foot. It displays your scheduled events in your calendar, local weather, and more. The MirroCool is the intelligent personal assistant you’ve always needed. It can also be a valuable home security tool as its camera captures motion and faces, especially when they are not the “home user”. Be sure to support our Kickstarter today!

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