C-Pal Personal Flotation Device

$67 USD
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Always be safe in the water when you wear the C-Pal Personal Flotation Device. Coming in two models, the C-Pal can truly save your life in an emergency. The C-Pal Neptune is an innovative armband. With a simple pull of the red trigger, the device self-inflates. You wear it around your neck until help arrives. Because it’s compact and on your arm, it doesn’t get in the way of swimming, surfing, or even fishing. The C-Pal Titan sits around your neck and remains deflated until you need it. Should an emergency arise, a simple pull of the red trigger allows it to inflate. The Titan also features reflective tape, a whistle, and a beacon. It’s also ideal for kayaking, sailing, and other water-based activities. Great for kids as well as adults, the C-Pal devices are simple and intuitive to use.

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