PHANTOM 4 – DJI’s Smartest Drone Ever

$1400 USD
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Phantom 4 by DJI comes out to be one of the coolest aerial cameras that have been incorporated with out of the box artificial intelligence technology. This is one of those drones that will take you to the area of vision. You just need to double tap the screen in order to make your Phantom fly. An Obstacle Sensing System keeps the Phantom safe as it goes, and Smart Return Home returns it to you more safely.ActiveTrack will let you track a subject automatically without requiring any band or beacon. You may re-select a subject to frame a different shot while the moving POI lets everyone shoot previously impossible shots. There’s a brand new Sport mode too which brings responsive controls and the thrill of speed everywhere. An integrated gimbal and new battery positioned to move the center of gravity close to the aircraft’s core combined with raised motors that increase torque reaction, and a reliable flight control system which precisely controls the aircraft’s movement to make flight at high speeds safer. Coming to how long this beauty can stay up in the air, the advanced propulsion systems, highly integrated and more streamlined design combined with a larger capacity battery gives the new Phantom 25% more effective flying time. It’s not just a drone. It’s a revolution indeed!

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