Phoenix – World’s Most Advanced Exoskeleton

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Introducing Phoenix – one of the world’s most advanced exoskeleton for helping people with mobility disorders. The purpose of this design is to help them stay upright and mobile. Both at the clinic as well as at home, Phoenix has been able to help individuals stand up and walk about, thus making them come out of their disorder, one step at a time. The exoskeleton is a modular piece which is why users can put them on and take them off independently without any help. It weights only 12.25 kg in order to nurture greater agility for the user. The maximum speed of the exoskeleton depends on the user. By charging Phoenix for one time, you can enjoy a walk for 4 hours continuously or 8 hours intermittently. You can wear Phoenix even when seated in a wheelchair while the adjustable size makes sure you get to use it based on different user conditions. Be it for standing up, walking or even for sitting down, the highly functional design of Phoenix ensures to bring a smile on those with mobility disorders. Live life without barriers!

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