PinBox 3000 and Gamechanger

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PinBox 3000 and Gamechanger is what you can consider as the pinball for dreamers and crafters! Users can design and build their tabletop pinball machine made of cardboard, or play one of our artist-designed games. It has been made in the USA with recyclable materials. It takes 45 minutes to assemble and is an addictive game powered by gravity and rubber bands! The PinBox 3000 includes “Classic build” suggestions for maximizing the 11 inch by 17-inch play field. After punching out 39 essential parts, the leftover cardboard scraps will have printed elements which will allow you to cut and paste features for your playboards. The instructions booklet and how-to videos on our website will assist you as you craft your personalized epic pinball experience. The Gamechanger Series of PinBox 3000 games feature magnificent artwork while emphasizing dynamic gameplay and narrative.

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