Plumen 003 Dimmable LED Pendant Set

$200 USD
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Set the mood day or night with the Plumen 003 Dimmable LED Pendant Set. Using advanced lighting design, this light emits a stunning glow. The tiered shape allows for attractive light to emit from all levels. The tiers have jewelled facets to bounce light back and forth. From the top comes the equivalent of 10 Watts, 75 Lumens, and 1900 Kelvin. This light is like a candlelight and has a warm, omnidirectional glow. From the bottom is the equivalent of 60 Watts, 680 Lumens, and 2500 Kelvin. This has a more functional spotlight effect. The Plumen 003 is revolutionary in its design and approach to lighting. By offering the two, it becomes more of a glowing centerpiece rather than simply a light source.

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