FINEX Premium Cast Iron Skillet

$270 USD
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Cook all of your dishes to absolute perfection when you use the FINEX Premium Cast Iron Skillet. Coming in three different sizes, this innovative skillet is complete with modern features to make cooking easier and seamless. The interior of the FINEX Skillet has a polished smooth surface and gets piping hot. You can make everything from eggs to muffins right in the pan. In addition, the FINEX Skillet comes with a lid to add even more cooking options. With it, you can braise, poach, steam, and simmer to your heart’s content. Plus, using premium materials, it’s built to last. The FINEX Skillet is complete with a multi-pour design with a hexagonal shape. Finally, the skillet features a speed cool handle. The coiled handle makes it easy to take the skillet from grill to stove top and back again.

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