Q-Adapt In-Ear Noise-Cancelling Earbuds By Libratone

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The latest Libratone earbuds will allow you to choose how much of the world you let in or out, with CityMix, adjustable noise cancelling. These earbuds require no bulky battery and are powered entirely by your iPhone. Experience outstanding quality music and clearer conversations – all with the touch of 
a button. You can use Citymax noise-cancelling and let in only that sound which you prefer. Use the four-button remote to access CityMix, activate the Hush function, Play, Pause, make and take phonecalls, or simply crank up the volume. Combining cutting-edge design and beautiful simplicity, Q Adapt In-Ear comes in four different colours, so there’s a set to suit every style and music. Now you can enjoy your favorite music apps without facing any kind of distortion on the go!

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