Quadrofoil – 2-Person Electric Watercraft

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Make your water rides look no less than that of a superhero with the Quadrofoil 2-Person Electric Watercraft. This luxury watercraft features leg-looking foils underneath. As a matter of fact, the luxury details of this eco-friendly watercraft justifies the whooping $28K price tag. The watercraft speeds up to 25 mph and gives a range of 54 nautical miles on a single charge. As the speed goes up to 7.5 mph, the foils create enough life to raise the watercraft above water. That’s when you start experiencing the flight mode. You can go full throttle or make sharp turns. Overall, this 2-Person Electric Watercraft will make you fly on the water. The design is available in three models now – Q2A Electric, Q2S Electric, and the Q2S Limited Edition. The silent motor and zero emission make it compatible for all locations. This also includes places where motor boats are not allowed.

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