Razer Core V2 Thunderbolt 3 External Graphics Enclosure

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Transform your laptop into the ultimate gaming setup with the Razer Core V2 Thunderbolt 3 External Graphics Enclosure. Suitable for work or play, this graphics enclosure has a unique internal design. Likewise, it comes with more headroom to make it work with larger graphic cards. The dual Thunderbolt 3 design also offers dedicated lanes for I/O and graphics for a fluid gaming experience. By providing plug and play support with a compatible graphics card, the Razer Core V2 eliminates the need to reboot every time. Instead of switching between two PCs, the graphics closure lets you keep gaming and working. You can also upgrade and customize your level of performance since the Razer Core V2 supports the latest graphics chipsets. Finally, you can easily connect all your devices to the Razer Core V2 for a complete gaming setup.

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