Reclaimed Wood Patchwork Desk

$1295 USD
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Add some rustic charm to your workspace with the Reclaimed Wood Patchwork Desk by What WE Make. This incredible desk features northern Wisconsin wood that has been rescued and reused for new furniture. The wood itself was originally hardwood and showcases original nail holes, cracks, weathering, knots, and more. In addition to the style, these markings give a story to the wood as it’s over 100 years old. Each piece reminds the owner that new life has been given to the old wood. The Patchwork Desk features hand-welded steel legs for support. This steel also serves as a wonderful contrast to the hold wood and combines natural beauty with modern structure. Finally, the Patchwork Desk features a clear matte VOC-free stain finish to ensure the longevity of the desk.

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