Reheatza Microwave Pizza Pan

$36 USD
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In only 2 minutes per slice, you can now enjoy oven-quality taste and quality from the microwave. No more soggy, chewy crust and obliterated cheese and toppings from harsh direct microwave energy bombarding your pizza slices. The Reheatza protects your cheese and toppings while heating directly from the bottom—the result is a crispy crust, perfectly reheated toppings, and gently melted cheese…..all from the microwave! Let’s face it, we all love the convenience of using a microwave to warm up food, but when the end result is pizza with a chewy crust, or bunch of soggy chicken fingers, what’s the point? Wouldn’t it be great if your good ol’ microwave had the ability to crisp, toast, and cook, without the hassle of pre-heating your oven or frying pan?

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