Relonch Camera as a Service

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Spend more time capturing the moment and being in the moment with the Relonch Camera as a Service. Unlike your DSLR which takes ages to understand, this camera is extremely simple. Featuring a single button for operation, the Relonch Camera takes stunning photos. To get started, you hand over your DSLR to the brand. Based on what it’s worth, you’ll receive a dollar-per-photo allowance with the Relonch Camera. Your $1,500 DSLR that collects dust just turned into 1500 photos with the impressive Relonch Camera. This Camera as a Service model saves you time and hassle so you can stay in the moment. Additionally, it means you’re only paying for what matters: the photos rather than the camera. The Relonch Camera as a Service simplifies the process and comes in a beautiful package to match any outfit.

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