Remocam: Smart IoT Security Camera for Smart Homes

$199 USD
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The first security camera with a remote-control function. Remocam does two things for your home or office: Innovative security monitoring. Remote-control function for your electronic devices (cooler way to say it? “IoT”). Remocam is the world’s first IoT security camera that you can place at home or in the office. This easy-to-setup, high quality IP camera delivers crystal clear surveillance straight to your smartphone so you can see what’s happening at your home or office anytime, anywhere. Talk to your pets or check in on the babysitters who are taking care of your baby. Remocam is also the first security camera that has ever integrated IoT technology. While you are away from home, you can still feed your pet on time with a remote-controlled pet feeder. Just watched your baby fall asleep on your Remocam app? Turn on his favorite lullabies as your baby sleeps.

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