Ruckbug External Frame Backpack

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Introducing the Ruckbug External Frame Backpack, the ultimate bag to carry on all of your adventures. Featuring sturdy feet at the base, this bag can be easily propped up so you can access all of your gear through the removable lid. This frame can also be detached from the rest of the bag so you can lighten your load on shorter excursions. Using water repellent materials and a water-tight seal for the lid, the Ruckbug Backpack protects everything inside so you can travel and explore without worry. Designed for those who have a sense of adventure, the Ruckbug Backpack has a front storage area specifically for larger items such as an inflatable mattress or a sleeping bag. Finished with a superbly padded backing and added features such as convenient loops, the Ruckbug Backpack will turn any small journey into an adventure.

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