RZR Shaving

$89 USD
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RZR-SHAVING is a no nonsense wet shaving system with the beauty of the past and the comfort of today. These are high quality razors with blades that have a small ecological footprint coming at an affordable price. The RZR comes with a lifetime warranty and is therefore a sustainable, long-term purchase. The RZR blade automatically creates a 30⁰ angle so that you won’t be in need of a pivoting head, flexball or other moving parts. Because the blades are placed in a “safety cage”, you can consider them to automatically be in the correct position relative to the skin. That will result in a larger support area which will keep it in that optimal position. Due to the absence of moving parts the wrist can be freely used as a pivot when shaving. That way, you’ll enjoy better control through direct steering from the wrist. A perfect design for the modern gentlemen.

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